1. Plan Ahead. 

It’s best to know what you want to get and where the best price is going to be. This way you can spend less time trying to maneuver through the crowds of people in stores and more time getting the things you want!

2. Prioritize Your List. 

What is the most important item on the list? What is the best deal on your list? Make sure to get those items first, you don’t want those items to be sold out by the time you make it to the store.

3. Have a Backup Plan.

Sometimes the item you want isn’t on as great of a deal as you thought or the item is sold out! Oh no! Now what are you going to get your 3 year old daughter…might want a backup plan so your daughter will still be smiling on Christmas morning.

4. Earn and Spend!

Earn while you spend! Use your Deseret First Visa Rewards Credit Card and earn TRIPLE Reward Points on every dollar you spend! Now you’re earning points for cash back, gift cards, or a fun vacation while you shop for Christmas!