Transfer funds between your Deseret First accounts and your external accounts with account to account transfers, which are now available through Advantage Online Banking. Account to account transfers will electronically transfer funds from your checking or savings account at Deseret First Credit Union to an enrolled checking or savings account that you own at another financial institution. It also allows for transfers from an External Account to your checking, savings or loan account at Deseret First Credit Union. See below for more information on how to set these transfers up.

If you would like to set up transfer(s) to and from your own account(s) with another institution, begin by adding your external account to My Accounts by:

1. Click on the Transfers widget then the Classic tab.

2. You will see under the “To Account” an “Add Account” option. Click “Add Account” then select “at another bank”

3. Another window will pop up with an agreement that must be accepted prior to proceeding.

4. Then you need to enter your “Account Type” either checking or savings followed by the routing number and the account number twice for verification.

5. You are given the option to give the account a Nickname for easier reference. We will send some micro deposits to your other institution that can take up to three business days.

6. Once you see the deposits into your other account you will need to log into Deseret First Credit Union online banking and confirm the deposits. Go to Settings and the Accounts tab. You will look for the section labeled ACH Accounts.

7. Click on Confirm which will open another window asking for the first and second deposit amounts, then Confirm.

Once the deposits have been confirmed you will see this account under My Accounts and you can make transfer to and/or from this account.

Reminder: ACH items take about 2-3 business days to process and can only be processed Mon-Fri, excluding Federal and State Holidays.