We’ve updated DFCU.com! As part of our efforts to maintain cutting-edge technology and accessibility, we’ve implemented an update to our website. Below is a brief outline of some of the major updates and changes that we’ve made.

Online Banking Login

  • Login has been incorporated into the main menu
  • Type in your username or member # into the log in box at the top right of the desktop screen or use the pull down menu for mobile
  • Accessed the same way, no matter which page of the website you are on

Responsive Design

  • Website is accessible from any device
  • Layout adjusts to size and orientation of the device

Main Menu

  • Accessible:┬átext-driven menu options make the page friendly for the sight-impaired
  • Persistent: menu remains at the top of every page, all the time
  • Active-access: the user needs to click on an option in order to activate the dropdown

Home Page

  • Image-driven banner ads highlight our latest news and promotions
  • Find links to important pages, like the loan application, directly on the home page
  • Links to the most recent blog posts