Financial Identity

Your identity related to financial services such as your credit report and personal information used in banking.

Building Credit

  • Monitor your credit reports annually
  • Open one or two lines of credit for at least 6 months.
  • Use 30% or less of your credit and make payments to show history.
  • Make 100% of your payments on time, including utilities.
  • Keep accounts open for a long time to show longevity.
  • Where to start? Try an entry-level secured card, become an “authorized user” on a family member’s card, or co-sign on a loan.

Avoiding Fraud

  • Monitor your accounts.
  • Keep key identifying information secure (passwords, SS#, PIN, bank account numbers). Watch out for phishing scams. Beware of links, attachments, popups, and phone calls.
  • Beware of sending sensitive information on public Wo-Fi, websites without https (secured), or through email.
  • Use strong passwords and different passwords for different sites.
  • Keep your computers and mobile devices up to date for security.