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Meet These Future Missionaries:

MessinaName: Madison
Age: 5
Interests: Driving fast, kangaroos, pulling out weeds, eating cookies
Favorite Place: Mexico or Australia
Quote: “Dingos hunt kangaroos, and kangaroos take turns poking up their heads looking for dingos.”


TannerName: Tanner
Age: 7
Interests: Sergio Romero, speaking Spanish, soccer
Favorite Place: Chile or Argentina
Quote: “I want to go to Chile…porque el lango es Espanol”


PetersonName: Addison
Age: 8
Interests: horses, friends, Hawaii, eating noodles
Favorite Place: Roundrock, Texas or Hawaii
Quote: “I was hoping I could ride a horse” (when asked about how she plans on getting around as a missionary)


KramerName: Chase
Age: 5
Interests: Chinese food and Nebraska sports
Favorite Place: China or Nebraska
Quote: “Sometimes [missionaries] eat the stuff they don’t like”


TallieName: Tallie
Age: 5
Interests: fashion, surfing, traveling, riding bikes
Favorite Place: Hawaii
Quote: “I want to go on a mission to Hawaii to surf”


Mason Higbee1Name: Mason
Age: 9
Interests: Eating spaghetti, selling lemonade, traveling
Favorite Place: Hawaii
Quote: “I want to go on a mission to Hawaii to teach people and see how fun it is there.”

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